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These Tips Can Help You Maintain Marble And Ceramic Tiles

The tile is the side of the house that is often used so how well the tile is cleaned can affect the health and comfort of the whole family. With a variety of tile materials, such as carpet, ceramic, marble, or wood, here are tips on how to clean them so that the tile remains comfortable and healthy. You can ask Steam Star Carpet Cleaning to help you.

Knowing the right techniques and products to clean and maintain the tile according to the type of material is important to know. Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning marble and ceramic tiles:

Marble tile

The tile is made of marble natural stone that can be free of allergens and disease-causing substances because marble is able to prevent microscopic particles from developing on the tile surface. However, marble tiles can be easily scratched, so when cleaning dust and dirt from the surface, it is better to use an Ultra silencer vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with a nozzle specifically designed to clean hard tiles gently and efficiently suck up dust and dirt. When mopping the tile with cleaning fluid, he said, choose a cleaning liquid that has a neutral pH, because even though the acidic substances present can clean the stain, but if too much, the acid can damage the marble. After cleaning, dry it with a soft towel to reduce the risk of water stains left behind.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is widely used because it is easy to clean and adapt to the tastes of its inhabitants, both in shape, motif, color, and size. Ceramics have advantages including being more waterproof, scratch-resistant and durable compared to other types of tiles. Ceramic tile is one of the easiest types of tiles to maintain and only requires quick cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with a practical and lightweight design can be an option because it can reduce the problems encountered when cleaning ceramic tiles.

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