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These Technical Indicators and Trading Systems Must Be Known By New Kuwait Forex Traders

There are technical indicators that only suit trending market conditions, some are only suitable sideways. There are systems suitable for Asian sessions, others only suitable for European sessions. A trading system that has proven to be reliable for others is not necessarily suitable for you, because the level of patience for each person in waiting for profit/loss is different. So, use the forex trading system findings from the internet as a reference for practice only. If you as a forex trader from Kuwait are already adept at applying it to a demo account to make multiple profits, then use it on a real account. Meanwhile, you can go to http://www.arabforex.pro/en/kuwait/ if you need a trusted broker in Kuwait.

Two well-known combinations of technical indicators and trading systems are:

1. RSI indicator with a setting of 20-80 and a period of 5 or 7 on the Daily timeframe (D1).

The standard settings is 30 up to 70, and this is generally used by quite a lot of Kuwait trades. However, the reliability proved to be better in the 20-80 sets. The trading method is simple, which is to be prepared to sell if the RSI has entered the overbought area above the 80 thresholds and will turn down again. Then get ready to buy if the RSI is approaching the oversold area below the 20 thresholds and will turn up again. Realized profit can be obtained within 2-3 days or a maximum of 1 week.

2. Combination of two Moving Averages (MA): MA-100 and MA-50 on Weekly or Monthly timeframes.

Trading rules are very simple, you just need to pay attention to the crossing between the two MA lines. If the MA-50 line (red) moves across the MA-100 line (blue) from bottom to top, it means it is a signal to buy. Meanwhile, if the MA-50 line (red) moves across the MA line (blue) from top to bottom, it means it is a sell signal. Each MA line can also act as a dynamic support/resistance line to be used as a benchmark for breakout/bounce.

To use Moving Averages with short-term profit targets, Kuwait traders must be able to adjust the period and timeframe settings.