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How to Overcome Anxiety Dreams

Everyone has the right to get adequate and quality sleep. With sleep, the body is expected to be fitter the next day and ready to return to normal activities. However, if you have a problem with anxiety or fear, getting enough and quality sleep is certainly your homework. Instead, you experience anxiety dreams, or nightmares due to the negative things you think about. Anxiety dreams is a term that is often used to describe if someone is having nightmares but in a different case. The nightmare experienced here is not due to the influence of other people or things around him, but because of himself. Anxiety dreams are commonplace but don’t be underestimated if you experience them constantly. Immediately consult the ayahuasca retreat peru for further treatment, so that anxiety dreams do not become a habit while sleeping.

When you think about negative things in yourself, for example, there is the possibility of anxiety dreams when you sleep at night. After dreaming, you usually feel more afraid. Afraid because his dream will come true one day. Some examples of anxiety dreams such as dreams of being punished in front of many people, dreams of being scolded, or being humiliated in certain events. If this happened, it would be embarrassing, right?

As you know, your brain will continue to work even when you are in a state of sleep. Hence, when you think about something before going to bed, the things you think about can be carried away in dreams. Not a good thing, what usually appears is the opposite of what you expect. For example, you want to wear nice clothes for your birthday. But, in this dream the clothes are washed and haven’t dried, so you can’t wear them for your birthday. Simple indeed, but this certainly triggers its fear. Especially if your birthday is a special event. You want the best party, which can go perfectly from start to finish.